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Eve Plex: Can’t Get Enough

May 27, 2016 admin 0

We move on to more Eve Online Ships. These ships are the reasons that you sell your Eve Plex to buy one of these. But if you have not seen our latest posts, we show ships that are in real life scale to see how big they are, well, in real life! Let’s go! Eve Plex: More Eve Online Ships! Titans Titans are the largest and most dominating ships in the game. With that said, they are also the most expensive. Not only that. These legendary titans takes a long time to build. Normally one would have to wait for [Read More…]

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Eve Online Ships: Even More Ships

May 25, 2016 admin 0

Last time we stopped on Industrials on our “How will our Eve Online Ships look like in real world” showcase. We will continue on for there are more amazing pictures of ships from Eve Online. Eve Online Ships: Continuation ORE Ships – small Outer Ring Excavations or more commonly known as ORE Ships is our first of some of the Eve Ships today. These ORE ships are the go-to manufacturers for mining and industry vessels. If you are enticed on being a miner in Eve Online, the Venture is the ORE ship for you. For supporting small fleets of miners, [Read More…]


Eve ISK: Another Way to Make Them

May 24, 2016 admin 0

Last time we talked about making Eve ISK through incursions. As the most popular Eve ISK making activity, people are running incursions like crazy. Now if you have no one to run incursions with, maybe you want to try this other way of making Eve ISK. Eve ISK: Mining When you hear of mining in an MMORPG, you think “argh another gathering grind to do that won’t make me enough money for my efforts!” I don’t know what your past MMO experience with mining but in Eve Online, mining is pretty lucrative. Yes, in Eve Online, you won’t feel like [Read More…]

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Buy ISK: How to Make Them

May 20, 2016 admin 0

Last time we tackled on Ratting as a way to make ISK. Now let us talk about on another way to make more so you don’t have to buy ISK. Buy ISK: Running Incursions Incursion is a high-end PvE fleet content and is considered by many as the raid version in Eve Online. Here you will meet Sansha Kuvakei and his fleet. Sansha, along with his technologically advanced fleet or nation, will shut down an entire constellation and must be stopped. In order to do so, players must group up (or maybe bring you whole alliance) to counter his actions. [Read More…]

Eve Plex: More Ships

May 18, 2016 admin 0

Last time I shared you some images of Eve Online Ships in real size. Those images of the ships in Eve Online were based on their in game measurements and put into a satellite capture image to depict how big they are and how they will look like in real life. Here are the rest of them: Eve Plex: More Images Destroyers These ships will be needing a dozen crew to function. Destroyers are there to protect larger ships against drones and frigates by destroying them, hence their name. They are specifically assigned to kill drones and frigates because those [Read More…]

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More How To Make Eve ISK

May 16, 2016 admin 0

Last time we talked about how to work smart and not hard to earn plenty of Eve ISK. I don’t know if I mentioned that you have to work smart first then work hard after. It all begins with knowing how to earn fast Eve ISK then going all out in doing those. Cash-In Those Eve ISK I am about to share more ways on how to earn Eve Online ISK wisely. You may already know these methods but for those people who still don’t have a clue on how to, you might want to consider another one of the [Read More…]

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