Eve Online ships have one of the most oddly-shaped designs in space fiction

December 19, 2016 Hannah Walker 0

Have you seen those eve online ships yet? I mean, where do those designers come up with these design ideas? Not that I don’t like them or anything, I’m just really curious where and how they get their ideas. I wonder where they get the inspiration from. Star Trek? Star Wars? Babylon 5? Hmm… It’s probably a good mix of all 3 along with other popular space operas of their time. Whatever the case, the designs are pretty much impressive anyway.     What eve online ships look like to me I’ve noticed eve ships come in all shapes, forms [Read More…]

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EVE Plex and Other Things: The Search Problem

September 8, 2016 Richard Griever 0

EVE is many things, but one thing that it isn’t is a game with a fully functional search utility on its in-game market. It can be quite a pain for the business savvy folks just to go about their daily buying and selling of EVE online ships, various other EVE items and, to a certain extent, even EVE plex. The world’s largest spreadsheet can be a huge turn off for newbies trying their hand out in the market for the first time. It leaves a lot to be desired and can certainly get some improvements and upgrades. Luckily, a certain [Read More…]

EVE Plex: Update 118.6

June 29, 2016 Richard Griever 0

EVE Online continues to be one of the most solid space-themed simulator and sandbox games out there. Solid in a sense that the game provides an immersive experience of leading a cosmic speculative sci-fi life, and solid because of the staunch support of its player base.  And to breathe new life – not that there isn’t any – to the things that make EVE Online solid, there is a fresh new update. So start stacking on EVE Plex, because here comes Update 118.6, and along with it are new content you definitely want to try and get your hands on. [Read More…]

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Eve Online Ships: Even More Ships

May 25, 2016 admin 0

Last time we stopped on Industrials on our “How will our Eve Online Ships look like in real world” showcase. We will continue on for there are more amazing pictures of ships from Eve Online. Eve Online Ships: Continuation ORE Ships – small Outer Ring Excavations or more commonly known as ORE Ships is our first of some of the Eve Ships today. These ORE ships are the go-to manufacturers for mining and industry vessels. If you are enticed on being a miner in Eve Online, the Venture is the ORE ship for you. For supporting small fleets of miners, [Read More…]

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships in Real Life

May 16, 2016 admin 0

Ever wonder how big Eve Online Ships are in reality? Yes? You are in luck! Someone actually made images of the ships in Eve over a real life satellite feed to see how big they really are. These images are according to the ships’ measurements and how they will look on earth’s surface. Eve Online Ships Images Capsule A capsule measures for only four meters and as small as a car. Capsule according to the image caption as a “glorified escape pod” and yes it is. It is designed to fit into a larger ship’s capsule slot and take command [Read More…]

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Eve Online Ships: Cruisers

May 11, 2016 admin 0

As we previously discussed the most expensive Eve Online Ships, I shifted the topic on how to make Eve ISK because after all, you cannot attain those very expensive ships if you don’t have the money to buy one or craft one. Now, we go back in discussing some more of the desirable ships in the game. For this time, we are going to take a look at the Cruiser. What is a Cruiser? Eve Online Ships Here is the definition of a Cruiser according to the Eve Online Wiki: Cruisers are Eve’s medium-sized ships, larger than frigates and destroyers but still much smaller, faster [Read More…]


One of the Most Expensive Eve Online Ships

April 22, 2016 admin 0

Last time I shared with you the reasons why there are so many news in Eve Online about wars being expensive and why they are expensive in real money. One of the reasons given was if there were Titans used in those great wars. So what are Titans anyways and how come they are so expensive converted to real money? Let us take a look.   Eve Ships Eve Online Ships: Titan Titans are the biggest ships in Eve Online. They can do fleet functions and Mothership support roles such as cloning, maintenance arrays and ship / items hangar. They [Read More…]

Most Expensive Eve Online Ships, Destroyed in War

April 15, 2016 admin 0

Eve online ship, one of the sought out items in Eve online. You figure out how to get rich within the economy so you can afford one of those rare and strong ships in the game. Well, you can be friendly with those people who already have those strong ships and join their alliance. It is more fun to control your own strong ship though. So yeah, that is why majority of the players of Eve Online are striving hard to get rich and get lucky to have one of those rare ships in the game. Eve Online Ships That [Read More…]


Eve Plex: Community is Important in MMORPG

April 12, 2016 admin 0

We would rate a game on its gameplay, graphics, content and other technical whatever aspect of it. It is a whole new conversation when we are picking a game to play. Yes the “game rating” is still to be considered but adding the game’s community makes the whole formula different. It is a whole new equation and a game’s community is a big factor to consider because it brings a lot of factor that we sometimes tend to disregard. Assessing what kind of community is present to the game you will be choosing to spend your time on is important [Read More…]

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EVE Online Ships: Big Battle Upcoming?

March 29, 2016 admin 0

Ever witnessed a big battle in an MMORPG? Buckle your seats for a really massive war in Eve Online EVE Online Ships EVE Ships: From Reddit The following is a long PSA from TheRealMartini in Reddit: It’s been just over 2 years since EVE ONLINE saw the largest online battle in video game history. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1wb8lf/largest_super_capital_fight_in_eve_online_history/ Since that day EVE has somewhat stagnated. . The winners, the CFC (now re-branded The Imperium) had secured their place as the only real super power and were untouchable. Whilst there were plenty of fights going on no one really believed we could ever see [Read More…]

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