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Eve Plex: Ships Over Chicago

June 3, 2016 Mei Satsuki 0

Last time I shared some images of Eve Online Ships (that you can trade with Eve Plex) which were shown over a real life image to compare their sizes if seen in this planet of ours. Man, those images still amaze me and jumpstart my imagination like “what if they really do exist and those ships are a daily scenery whenever we go outside?” Well, if that so happens, our planet can be gone in a matter of seconds any time. See! I am overthinking things now because of the wonderful possibilities if these Eve Online Ships actually exist here [Read More…]

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Eve Plex: Can’t Get Enough

May 27, 2016 admin 0

We move on to more Eve Online Ships. These ships are the reasons that you sell your Eve Plex to buy one of these. But if you have not seen our latest posts, we show ships that are in real life scale to see how big they are, well, in real life! Let’s go! Eve Plex: More Eve Online Ships! Titans Titans are the largest and most dominating ships in the game. With that said, they are also the most expensive. Not only that. These legendary titans takes a long time to build. Normally one would have to wait for [Read More…]

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Eve Online Ships: Even More Ships

May 25, 2016 admin 0

Last time we stopped on Industrials on our “How will our Eve Online Ships look like in real world” showcase. We will continue on for there are more amazing pictures of ships from Eve Online. Eve Online Ships: Continuation ORE Ships – small Outer Ring Excavations or more commonly known as ORE Ships is our first of some of the Eve Ships today. These ORE ships are the go-to manufacturers for mining and industry vessels. If you are enticed on being a miner in Eve Online, the Venture is the ORE ship for you. For supporting small fleets of miners, [Read More…]