EVE PLEX: an Interesting Way to Profit

February 10, 2017 Hannah Walker 0

The official EVE website describes EVE PLEX as 30 days of game time. It’s buyable in-game with EVE ISK, the in-game currency. The problem is, with the 14-day trial, you won’t be able to grind that much ISK to buy PLEX (unless you’re some kind of genius with a lot of time in your hands). That’s where the genius of CCP Games comes in. You start a 14-day trial and enjoy the game, so you buy the subscription with real money. With a large player base, the money just rolls in for the developers. Sell EVE PLEX to Profit Too [Read More…]

Eve Plex: More Ships

May 18, 2016 admin 0

Last time I shared you some images of Eve Online Ships in real size. Those images of the ships in Eve Online were based on their in game measurements and put into a satellite capture image to depict how big they are and how they will look like in real life. Here are the rest of them: Eve Plex: More Images Destroyers These ships will be needing a dozen crew to function. Destroyers are there to protect larger ships against drones and frigates by destroying them, hence their name. They are specifically assigned to kill drones and frigates because those [Read More…]