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Eve Account: Shadow of the Serpent Opinion Pt. 3

Eve Online, Eve, Eve Accounts, Eve Account, Shadow of the Serpent

Hey, you Eve Account owners, how do you feel about Shadow of the Serpent? Recently, I have been sharing the opinion of Low-Class in Reddit on what he thinks about Shadow of the Serpent.

Eve Account: Continuation

Here is the continuation, part three of three of the post in Reddit:

  • Challenges are an OK idea and I like that there’s a decent variety of them. The rewards feel too homogenized, though (touched on in my first point above), and there should be options to decline challenges you’re flatly uninterested in (possibly with some kind of penalty, like a two hour cooldown before a new challenge replaces it). There was another thread on this today where this was mentioned already, but c’mon, kill fifty drifters for the same reward as you’d get for clearing ten or twenty easy Serpentis sites? It’s cool to have unique challenges thrown in, but that’s just unreasonable. It’s a nice idea in concept, but the current implementation is grindy.
  • There should be a way to go suspect in highsec sites! Some lootable can or wreck or something, regardless of which type of site it is. This was a fun source of content during past events, being able to steal cans and go flashy to provoke a fight or being free to shoot back at people who steal your own. It just makes them more interesting and generates content.

Anyway, that got lengthier than I meant it to, so I’m just gonna awkwardly cut off here.

tl;dr: There should be more immediate rewards available, there should be motivation to run any given event site regardless of what your current challenges are, there should be greater variety in the layout of the sites, challenges are too grindy and it’s possible to get stuck with uninteresting or impractical ones, and it should be made possible to go suspect by stealing from highsec sites.

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order provigil australia players, what do you think of the last part of his Shadow of the Serpent opinion? Agree or not? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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