Eve Isk News: I Am Olivia Scam Part 2


Charles White, a noticeable individual from the EVE people group, put it flawlessly in his video reacting to Olivia’s story: “We will trick you, we will chase you down, we will wreck you. We will do all that we can to make your in-diversion encounter hopeless. Be that as it may, we have a poker confront … we will go out and have a drink with our adversaries. We will giggle with the majority of our companions that are attempting to execute each other in-diversion.” In EVE, players will be pitiless to each other, yet that accompanies the understanding that it’s all in great fun. White needed it obviously comprehended that, regardless of all the double-crossing in-diversion, players were regarded, all things considered.

Irritated by her story, the group united together in support of Olivia. A development called “Her Name is Olivia” became out of a post by another well known EVE news site, The Neocom, and started spreading as players resisted online provocation. In spite of the fact that a GoFundMe crusade was rapidly closed down, I’m told players gave everything from in-diversion cash to blessing cards to Olivia. One of those drives gathered more than 15 billion EVE ISK, EVE’s virtual coin, esteemed at generally $300. That is also that arrangements were additionally being made to give a Keepstar bastion—EVE Online’s gigantic space station—to Olivia, which alone would’ve added up to an astounding 300 billion EVE ISK.

EVE ISK: The Puppet Master

Amid the weeks since Olivia’s story opened up to the world, individuals from B4R, Declaration., and Imperium News started exploring what happened to Olivia. Their objective wasn’t to negate Olivia’s cases however to locate those mindful and ensure that they were banned. EVE people group administrator Paul Elsy likewise affirmed that CCP Amusements was examining the asserted mishandle. “This is something we have zero resistance for, and honestly this sort of conduct nauseates me,” he wrote in a Reddit string. CCP has yet to formally address the issue.


Amid those examinations by the group, notwithstanding, things took an alarming turn. Imperium News found that the photos utilized as a part of Olivia and her sister’s Facebook profiles were stolen from various Twitter and Instagram accounts possessed by individuals who had no association with EVE On the web. After connecting with the organization together that Olivia’s enterprise had a place with, nobody could affirm who her character was or on the off chance that she even existed.

Those discoveries were substantiated by the pioneer of the organization together that Tempest Tribe has a place with. In an extensive post to Facebook, Christopher Adams points of interest his own particular examination concerning the matter. Jackson Thrane, Tempest Tribe’s pioneer, apparently had chatlogs amongst Olivia and her charged harassers however declined to uncover them to anybody. After Adams talked with the players Thrane blamed for harassing her, both guaranteed they had never talked with Olivia. Besides, in EVE are naturally spared as content documents to players’ PCs, yet individuals from B4R couldn’t discover confirm that anything had happened on their official channels.

Continued in the next part.

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