Eve Isk News: I Am Olivia Scam


EVE Online has a notoriety for malignant plans, yet one player has taken that to alarming new lows. Prior this month, the EVE people group was shaken by news that a player had endeavored to take her own life in the wake of being pestered by numerous players. EVE Online’s notoriety for being a merciless sandbox MMO appeared to have seeped into genuine with deplorable results, especially stories tied to Eve Isk greed. Accordingly, gift drives were set up for her advantage and a crusade to bring issues to light for dysfunctional behavior flourished in the group. In any case, on account of an examination by Imperium News, an EVE news site, things took a much darker turn when it was found that the entire episode was an intricate trick by one player.

Her name is Olivia, and she is an individual from the Tempest Tribe enterprise in EVE. As the story goes, Olivia had been drawn closer by individuals from an adversary organization together known as “Pronouncement.” and pestered about late presents made on EVE’s Communicate 4 Reps amass. Communicate 4 Reps (B4R) is player-driven care group in EVE with the reason for helping those battling with dysfunctional behaviors paying little mind to who they may be in-amusement.

Eve Isk: An Alarming and Cautionary Tale

On October fourth, a Facebook client asserting to be an individual companion of Olivia’s presented on an informal EVE Online Facebook page, specifying how the badgering Olivia experienced connecting on B4R drove her to endeavor suicide. At the season of that post, she had been in the doctor’s facility for various days. “She required fucking help,” he composed. “Furthermore, the shittiest fuckers in EVE chose to give her the inverse.” That story was later confirmed by another lady on Facebook guaranteeing to be Olivia’s sister.

As news of Olivia spread all through the group, players were shocked.


“As somebody who’s lost companions both in EVE and, all things considered, because of suicide fuck whoever would urge somebody to take their own life,” kept in touch with one player.

“I’ve never been more embarrassed about calling myself an Eve player than I have this week,” composed another. “This is just… appalling.”

EVE Online has a notoriety for being a fierce virtual world where players are allowed to trick, cheat, and decimate each other without result. It’s offered ascend to unimaginable stories, similar to a gathering of professional killers employed to penetrate a company and murder its Chief—a mission that took very nearly a year to finish. In spite of all that skulduggery, even EVE’s coldest executioners trusted Olivia’s story and needed to offer assistance.

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