Eve Online ships have one of the most oddly-shaped designs in space fiction

Have you seen those eve online ships yet? I mean, where do those designers come up with these design ideas? Not that I don’t like them or anything, I’m just really curious where and how they get their ideas. I wonder where they get the inspiration from. Star Trek? Star Wars? Babylon 5? Hmm… It’s probably a good mix of all 3 along with other popular space operas of their time. Whatever the case, the designs are pretty much impressive anyway.



What eve online ships look like to me

I’ve noticed eve ships come in all shapes, forms and sizes. I’ve noticed one design that looks like a giant light saber from Star Wars. Others look like giant shark fins. Others look like wolf fangs. There’s one looking like a giant whale. Another shaped like a beetle. There’s also one that seems to draw inspiration from popular Japanese mecha anime series. There’s another that draws inspiration from Star Trek, and another from Star Wars. I’m actually surprised I haven’t already found one that looks like the Millennium Falcon, or the death star, but that would be a blatant rip-off. There is however one design that is reminiscent of the x-wing fighter jet from Star Wars. The rest, I can’t exactly put them into words, but they’re all awesome to me nonetheless. On a funny note, some of them look inadvertently phallic. I’m sure, somewhere during the development of the game, some designers thought it would be funny to slyly incorporate that into the game.


What eve online ships lack

Like all things good, there’s no such thing as perfect. What I noticed about ships in Eve Online is that they lack variety and diversity in color schemes. You’ll notice that most of them fall under a dark and gloomy color scheme – mostly black. There is the occasional red and yellow/gold yes, but other than that, players can’t really customize their ships’ paint jobs. This is most likely due to the lag it will bring. Other than that, I’m open to expending more eve online plex just to extend my game time and wander about in space just to stare at the ship aesthetics.


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