EVE PLEX Changes in the Near Future

The developers of EVE Online is changing how EVE PLEX works. They estimate the implementation to be in spring or early summer.

How exactly will EVE PLEX Change?

They are making EVE PLEX more flexible by breaking it apart. One PLEX now would become 500 PLEX in the new system. Therefore, PLEX no longer comes in chunks of 30-day subscriptions, and it also enables players to trade any amounts of PLEX they want.

In addition to that, the developers are adding the PLEX Vault, an inventory location. Anytime you buy PLEX, they appear in the vault instead of a redeem queue. It also lets you transfer your PLEX without transporting it on your ship. You still can transfer PLEX with ships, if you really want to. Also, you can’t store anything else in this vault.

With the new EVE PLEX system, the new New Eden Store will reflect these changes. The new store will only accept PLEX instead of Aurum. It will make buying from the real-money store less confusing, as the current system requires you to convert PLEX into Aurum. In line with that, when this new system is implemented, Aurum budgets above 1000 will get converted into PLEX.

What Does This Mean for the Market?

With such a radical change, the market would be in flux as it adjusts. Some things you could do to keep your losses small is to invest in PLEX, and spend or accumulate Aurum so it’ll either be not your problem or get converted to EVE PLEX later. You could spend your Aurum and sell those items for ISK, too. Also, the reason why they’re only converting Aurum budgets above 1000 is because it might destabilize the market. Another way to spend your Aurum would be the specials they’ll open in the store, leading up to the implementation.

There you have it. There’s no fixed date yet, so there’s time to get your in-game money in order. In the meantime, enjoy your game!

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