Eve Plex: Exploration A&D

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Last time I shared to you guys the advantages and disadvantages of gas mining. Now let us go see for Exploration. You might be able to purchase Eve Plex easier after reading this!

Eve Plex: Exploration

This is fitting a probe launcher onto your ship and scanning down cosmic anomalies. Some people run the combat sites, but I think the advantages and disadvantages fit more with missions and incursions. Most explorers just hack data and relic sites.


  • Low SP to get started. Although you can pore a lot of SP into mastering the skills for exploration, a new player can have the skills to take a basic exploration frigate out looking for data and relic sites.
  • The basic methods are easy to learn. The more advanced techniques of going into more dangerous space and getting back out with loot can be complicated. However, the hacking minigame is easy to learn and not very difficult.
  • The training path has decent cross over for PvP. The basic exploration frigates scale with ranks gained in their corresponding Racial Frigate skill. This will benefit you the second you switch from you exploration frigate to a PvP frigate from the same race. Moving up the exploration ships scale you can either move into the Sisters of Eve ships which are not unheard of in combat or into a covert ops ship which also opens up stealth bombers. Every point in Covert ops makes your exploration ship better, but also makes your damage in a stealth bomber better.
  • Scanning skills are useful in PvP. You will learn to move cloaked, scan with both the probe scanner and d-scan, as well as how to navigate wormhole and null space. With these skills and a little extra practice you can transition fairly easily into combat probing and scouting.


  • Can have a slot machine feel. Similar to gas mining, some days you will find good spots with lots of sites and good loot. Other days you will keep getting chased off by hunters or beat to the site by other explorers or just turn up nothing good on the scanner. It can be very profitable but you need the patience to ride out the bad days.

 Eve Plex, Buy Eve Plex, Eve, Eve Online, Guide

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With having more knowledge about exploration, you won’t resort to expensive means like having to buy Eve Plex from friends.

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