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Eve Plex

Unlike any other MMORPG, Eve Online is fueled by the interaction of players. It is not a mere part of the game and it is not optional. It is required that you, as a player, interact with people. Most MMORPG’s you can reach max level without befriending anyone. Heck, you can even play the whole lifespan of that MMORPG without friending anyone and still call it a successful run. Not in Eve Online though. You can be friendly or hostile to everyone. It does not matter. So as long as you know the consequences of your actions, it is just required to interact with someone. Who knows, someone might give you free Eve Plex if you are so friendly.

Eve Plex

Eve Plex: Newbie

Being so, I bumped into this post by someone in reddit that he is in need of tips how to deal in the game. I am not really much of a pro in Eve Online but I still wanted to help him out by creating a blog post and hoping to share to the world. Hoping it would be viral enough that a lot of people will answer. Here’s the post:

Hey! I kinda got shunned a tiny bit on r/Eve, but I’m wanting to plex my trial account. I still have 25 days left and have 400 million, so please don’t tell me it’s impossible or not enjoyable. Frankly, it’s been great and I love Eve already.

I’ve been exploring in the Vale because I signed up with TEST, but hear stain and catch (Sansha space) are best for exploration. Any tips for if I should head there to farm?

I have no cloak as I’m trial and I’m just in a heron. Last time I tried I got wardec killed. I just am not sure how to make the most isk/hr exploring.

Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

You can answer in the comments section or go to the original post to comment. I might just buy Eve Plex and give to him to help him out soon.

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