EVE PLEX: an Interesting Way to Profit

The official EVE website describes EVE PLEX as 30 days of game time. It’s buyable in-game with EVE ISK, the in-game currency. The problem is, with the 14-day trial, you won’t be able to grind that much ISK to buy PLEX (unless you’re some kind of genius with a lot of time in your hands). That’s where the genius of CCP Games comes in. You start a 14-day trial and enjoy the game, so you buy the subscription with real money. With a large player base, the money just rolls in for the developers.

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Sell EVE PLEX to Profit Too

To keep the money rolling in for them, the developers do not allow the sale of in-game items for real-world money. However, this doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. You can sell EVE PLEX in various ways. Since it is a valuable resource for EVE Online players, there will always be buyers of EVE PLEX and other items. It’s a really lucrative business. They sell anything from EVE ships to ISK to PLEX.

Buying PLEX Cheap

Well to enjoy all those items, you have to buy EVE PLEX. Except, do you really want to shell out twenty bucks for a month of playing? Sure you save some money if you buy in bulk, but that still costs some few hundred bucks. That’s the beauty of player sold EVE PLEX. They’re usually way cheaper than any legitimate shop, though there’s always the danger of scammers. You just have to pick where you buy your EVE Online PLEX. There are reputable sites where you can get your items, guaranteed.

Anyway, it’s your choice whether to be a goody-two-shoes and buy PLEX legitimately or be a rebel and buy from other players. I mean, it’s your choice how you’ll enjoy playing the game, right? All I wanted to say was CCP Games made an interesting system to profit.

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