How To Make Eve Plex: Players’ Suggest

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Most of the people I know who play Eve Online say that you can never really survive in the game without shelling out some really money. That includes paying for your monthly membership. Well I am pretty sure that many players of Eve Online will agree with me disagreeing that you do not have to pay big bucks to survive in the game. You just have to play hard and smart.

What is Eve Plex?

Probably the most that you will spend your real money on playing Eve Online is paying the subscription fee. But like I said in my intro, if you play hard and smart, you don’t have to pay anything and still enjoy the game. You will never have to pay for your monthly membership again through Eve Plex.

So, what is Eve Plex? According to Eve Online:

PLEX is 30 days of game time in the form of an in-game item. You can purchase PLEX directly from CCP through Account Management or from other players using in-game ISK. Many players pay their subscription simply by playing the game and buying PLEX on the EVE market.

Yup, pay for your game time with in-game money and not with your real dollars. You just have to farm your butt-off to pay for your login privileges. Farming for in-game money (ISK) is normal so why not make it a part of your monthly duties to buy Eve Plex.

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Best Way to Earn Eve Plex Suggestions

To buy Eve Plex, you got to have Eve ISK. So basically the best way to afford Eve Plex is the same as the best way to farm Eve ISK. Here are some suggestions I managed to get on how to earn Eve ISK easily and quickly:

Salvaging is probably the easiest way for new players to make enough isk to get a plex.

There’s a channel called – Free Wrecks – I think it might still be active. It has mission runners who give bookmarks to their sites for new players to salvage.

Or you could just advertize in local chat in the major mission hubs – ask if any high level mission runners want to donate their wrecks. Can check map stats for systems with a lot of NPC kills.

Many people suggested to take a look on some ISK making guides. I will share them to you soon!

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