Profits from Eve Online Crucible Expansion!

Eve Online’s Crucible Expansion

This expansion will bring us new ships, new modules and even bosses in our Eve Universe. This Expansion is going to be a great and valuable time for every players who is looking for any ways to make an Eve Isk Profit. These expansion for Eve Online will change the Eve Economy! (to make profits faster than you can imagine).  The most important of all, Eve online has many ways to make profits now!


Eve Online Traders for Crucible Expansion will bring a re-balancing changes for Eve Online game. Specially for the following:

  • Re-balancing hybrids
  • Minmatar Ammo
  • and POS fuels.

Eve prices of the following may or may not change due to Eve players demand.


Eve Online Explorers for Crucible Expansion will bring the importance of high-sec exploration in Eve universe and for some eve pilots who cant do killings everytime they fly.  Explorers for Crucible will bring some new DED complex.  The complex will contain new modules for you!